Spitfire Girls

Bedlam Productions / South Pacific Pictures

Spitfire Girls is the incredible story of the women of the Air Transport Auxiliary, who fought a war and made history. A drama series with high stakes, risk and adventure, it is also about rivalries, romance, triumph and heartbreak, on the ground as well as in the air.

The ATA’s make up was eclectic, international and extraordinary. Debutantes from Devon, millionaires from Chile, Firsts from Cambridge, adventurers from America, rough diamonds from the Antipodes – all of them determined to use their flying skills to risk everything and make a contribution to the war effort.

The women of the ATA overcame prejudice by being every bit as indomitable as the men who flew alongside them – and partying just as hard. They were the poster girls for a new breed of women, who broke rules in romance as well as in their ambitions. But death was a constant shadow, as they lost comrades and lovers, and it is these true personal stories of love, loss and triumph which make up the backbone of this exciting television drama: the extraordinary, inspiring Spitfire Girls.

Spitfire Girls will be produced by Bedlam's Gareth Unwin (The King's Speech) alongside Liz Trubridge, who recently achieved critical and commercial success with the popular television drama Downton Abbey, in collaboration with John Barnett of South Pacific Pictures, based in New Zealand.