Bedlam launches first crowd-funding project - AMERICAN B-SIDE

American B-Side is a passion project that director Joseph Fletcher has been working on for several years. Bedlam came on board to offer editorial support and ensure it gets a release either in cinemas or on television.

With several thousand pounds already spent on getting 70% of the film shot and edited, they are now turning to Kickstarter to raise a further £30,000, allowing for some final filming, editing, legal work and deliverables. The film will then aim for high-profile festivals around the globe.

With its story of vinyl obsessives, eccentric musicians and the strange hidden world of the American South, Bedlam decided to cut out the middle-man and connect directly with its audience, hoping the subject would attract a cult following.

The Kickstarter campaign got off to a great start, raising over £7,000 in its first weekend and quickly becoming a Staff Pick. The campaign can be viewed here: http://kck.st/15nxUmv and progress can be followed via the Bedlam Productions group on Facebook, as well as the new @AmericanBside Twitter feed.